March Maskness

March Masksness is a podcast smashing, community bridging, hero challenging crossover event that is going to take place over the course of the month of March.

64 characters from across a number of podcasts will compete
in single elimination matchups where YOU get to vote
on who would come out on top.
Each round highlights one aspect of being a young hero.

Current Multiversal Champion

Whosoever holds this trophy is the multiversal champion.
The winner of the 2022 March Masksness Competition and current Multiversal Champion is Quetzal from Moon Harbor.

You can listen to Moon Harbor Heroes here


What is March Masksness?
March Masksness is a cross-promotional event for Actual Play podcasts that use the Masks: A New Generation game system by Magpie Games. 64 characters chosen as representatives from the involved podcasts are placed into a NCAA March Madness style single elimination bracket. Listeners of the podcasts can then vote on which character would perform the best. Each round has a unique challenge based on the aspects of what make a great hero.

It was designed to be a month long event to spur comic book style ‘who would beat who’ conversations, introduce new listeners to shows they might not have heard of, and bring the Masks Actual Play community together.

Can I listen to March Masksness
Although the competitors are characters in Actual Play podcasts, March Masksness is not itself an actual play. Scheduling, recording, and editing podcasts is stressful and time consuming - March Maskness was conceived of as a low barrier to entry community event.

That said there are a lot of related events, live streams, and musicals that you can listen to. Check out the event calendar for the schedule.

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This tournament is sponsored by Protean City Comics and largely put on through the work of volunteers.
The best way you can pay them back is to enjoy the competition, talk about heroes you love, and listen and subscribe to the podcasts of the March Masksness community. Maybe go drop them a review.